Thursday, June 12, 2003

Rewrite hell

Finished the new surreal comedy script thingy yesterday and sent it off. It went soooo much easier than Primeval (working title). Spent the rest of the day planning out what to do with - yipe - draft fucking NINE of Primeval. Planned it out using some formula exercises, which helped, and made it clear that everything's shite after about page 50. Still stuck on the final baddie, the revelation, working it into the main story. It sucks. I'm so fucking sick to death of this script, I wish it would just go away, I just want to sell it and let someone else rewrite it, even if they make a shit film out of it, I wouldn't care, because I wouldn't have to do it, and I'd just get shitfaced with the money and at least it would be bringing me some fucking enjoyment. Sigh. But I can't leave it, not after all the work I've put into it. I'm dreading starting yet another draft, though. Why doesn't it work? Why won't you work, script?? Why won't you let me live???

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