Thursday, June 26, 2003

Was supposed to meet up with the scifi director again yesterday, but he had to go to Spain suddenly, as you do. So we're meeting next Friday instead. But, as these things have a way of working out, I got an email the night before from my old English teacher from secondary school - he was arriving in London the next day. So I met up with him yesterday. Just to explain: I didn't enjoy school, at all, but he was one of the few teachers who appeared to know what they were talking about, who I liked and respected very much. They were great classes, I learned a lot, and he really inspired me to do my best in writing, and not just trot out some lazy shite even though most people would think it was okay. I wrote to him recently, just to let him know how much he had inspired me, and that at least one of his pupils had got something from his class, because I imagine it's a terrible feeling knowing that most of them will just ignore what you're trying to do. It was great to get in touch with him again, we went to a pub, and had a long chat about life, school, writing, English, movies, teachers, priests, the media, and tons of other stuff. We talked about the music teacher (who is still there), and how his face would just be filled with despair at the philistines in his class - although he's one of the main reasons I love classical music now, so he can pass that message on to him too, that there's always hope, you'll always reach one person. Although I have no such messages for my history or geography teacher, whose idea of teaching was to stand in the classroom dictating reams of arse for us to write down.

Oh yes - last night, at half past 1 in the a.m., I finished the 9th draft of Primeval - now renamed The Craw Lodge. It's a pretty big change, mainly the ending, but two characters have been overhauled to make them more interesting. Sent it off to Jago today, and may God have mercy on his soul. Though he can't possibly be as sick of reading it as I am. In the process of doing a draft, I probably go through it 2 or 3 times, unless it's a hefty rewrite - so an average of 2 reads per draft makes 18, plus the time I read it to write out the story, then the index cards, then the timings, makes 21, then another couple of times to figure out what the hell I'm doing, and all the times I read a line several times over - 25 times, conservative estimate. It's probably closer to 50, considering I have to think through each line several times before I actually write it. Feels like a thousand... Hopefully this will be it...

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