Saturday, July 05, 2003

Met the director yesterday, very productive. Came up with loads of ideas, had a laugh, and got the story more or less worked out. Now I have to sort it all out, write up an outline/treatment/synopsis thingy, structure it all together, so we can see how it looks. But it's going to be great fun, I think it'll be a cool script, big, exciting, funny, scary, tense, witty, nice and simple but with lots of groovy shit going on in the background. I'm really looking forward to getting started, and will crack on with the outline over the weekend.

Jago's back on Monday, then I should hear what he thinks of the latest draft of The Craw Lodge. If he doesn't, I shall feign insanity, smear myself with my own excreta, and run around the room screeching. Or just do another rewrite, whatever I feel like at the time, I guess.

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