Wednesday, August 27, 2003

7 pages today. Just over 7, actually, but who's counting? Well, I am, I suppose. More death and destruction, and some twists - the thot plickens, as they say. Now on page 45, and it's going really well. No saggy bits, no padding, just pure, unadulterated Stuff. I like Stuff. Stuff is good. Still trying to figure out some dodgy science for the ending bit - which involves me and Jodie having long, complex, intense conversations about evolution and genetics. While I don't necessarily need it all to be totally realistic, I'd rather not get laughed off the page when the giant electric penguins turn up holding lightsabers (when, as everyone knows, they would need a special adaptor for their flippers).

Still wish we'd caught Gozu at the FrightFest last Sunday - so I bought the DVD instead. eBay is excellent for getting twisted Japanese movies at reasonable prices, I heartily recommend it. Also bought two other Takashi Miike films (he made Gozu too), Fudoh and Ichi the Killer. Plenty of ultra violence coming my way soon. And, on the strength of the trailer, instantly bought Shaolin Soccer on DVD, it looks fabulous. I can't explain it. Just go and watch the trailer. It's insane.

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