Thursday, August 14, 2003

Got the characters more or less sorted for the big scifi extravaganza, they're a colourful bunch of freaks, I like em. I'm dying to get started and just write the thing, but that's where I went wrong with Craw Lodge, so I'm just being extra careful with the planning and the plotting and the monkeys and the burning.

The TV thing just kept going all drama-lite, it was two different stories, one of which I had no interest in, so I'm going to leave it. It's just not my thing, which makes me wonder why they asked to meet me in the first place, but feh.

Met a producer I'd met before, which went very well. Also met a cool animator guy who was very funny, and I'm dying to see his showreel because there is a really funny cat thing on it that looks hilarious. Might be doing some small things with him, depending on time and so on.

And thank Christ, the unbearable heat has eased back a bit - now it's just hot and sunny, instead of furnace-like. I can go out for a short walk without feeling like someone has set fire to me. Amen to that. Which reminds me - we're used to new channels just appearing on our digital telly box, which is always nice, but we've suddenly been given the God channel for no reason, and it's hilarious. There these raving lunatics ranting on and on, and every single show has a book or a tape or a guide or a thing you can buy. They even had a prayer cloth - a cloth! I shit you not! - to, er, pray with, I guess. It was just a cloth, like. With the name of the preacher or pastor or whatever embroidered on it. I have no idea how you would use a prayer cloth, but hey, that's why I'll probably go to hell. Anyway, we can now tell people that we've got God. He's on channel 279, right between Discovery Health, and FashionTV.

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