Monday, August 11, 2003

Went to a friend's flat for a barbecue on Saturday - I have never seen so much food in my entire life. Bread, salami, Japanese bean pod things, crisps, salad, rice, chicken, potatoes with mint, smoked salmon, mini pizzas, little clam-like things, mushrooms - and that was before the barbecue was lit, then we had sausages, teriyaki chicken, Other Chicken (forget the name), and got to make our own sushi rolls, which was the best fun ever. My first sushi roll was like a cigarette, my second was like a fat cigar, and quite good. All tasted yummy. Lots of beer and wine was consumed, about 12 pints of sweat soaked the floor around me, met some people I hadn't seen for ages, fun time had by all.

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