Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Also today, I met a really nice producer from a telly company who is looking for comedy stuff. She really liked The School, really wanted to do something with it, but wasn't sure if she was able to - she's going to get her boss, a Big Time Comedy TV Producer, to check it out and see if it's even doable. If not, then she wants to get something else from me, because she likes my stuff, which is cool. I'm looking through all my scraps and half ideas to see if anything is workable, I've got one that she should be interested in, so I'll see how it goes.

The rewrite that never was

That last week's rewrite of the Craw Lodge? Waste of time. Totally cocked everything up that was good, and added shite stuff, according to my agent, although he said it more politely than that. It's a shame, because I just don't know if I'm making it better or not anymore, I have to wait and see what his reaction is. So, we talked about it, and agreed that it's better if I just go back to the previous draft and do a new draft from that. So, if I include the abandoned draft, the next one will be number 13. Unlucky for some? Who knows? I know that the previous 12 fuckers have been anything but lucky...

Monday, September 29, 2003

Blimey, haven't posted in ages, better do some updates.

SciFi thing: did the polish, sent it to Mr AgentBloke, and we then had a big chat about why having X in it wouldn't really work, which was a bit disheartening, because X was in the outline, and we spent ages working on the outline so that I wouldn't have to start messing around like this when the final script was done. Phoned the director, chatted about it, and between the three of us, we changed X to Y, which works just as well, and will mean changing lots of the opening stuff. This good because it fixes things, but bad because it means losing one of my favourite scenes. Oh well, these things happen.

Spent last week doing the rewrite on the Craw Lodge, which makes it draft number eleven kajillion. Did a lot of fiddling, changing, adding tension, a new spooky bit at the beginning, substantially fiddled with the third act, and hopefully made it much better. But I've worked on it so much, I now have no idea what is good or bad anymore. I just have to wait and see what the feedback is, I honestly don't know if it's great or shite. Which isn't helpful when trying to make it better.

Started doing the rewrite on the SciFi thingy, the opening stuff took a long time, but it's finally sorted, and I'm onto the second act now. I think it's for the better, the changes have meant that the characters already know each other, rather than me having to introduce them all, which is always boring for an audience. The opening is more exciting now, too.

Also getting lots of ideas for various things, which I have been frantically putting into outline format, to see how they hold up. Ideas I'm not short of. Saleable material, on the other hand... We're really broke at the moment, so apart from the coolness of it, selling something would really, really, really help out. A lot.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Had a great weekend away, in the countryside - went for drives, walks, drank wine, talked bollocks, ate food, had a fab time. It was like all my best childhood holidays rolled into one, where the summers never ended, and every day was sunny and warm. And I didn't think about anything, which was a nice break.

Currently going over the scifi thing, a dialogue polish, adding some life here and there - in my quest for stripped down, lean and mean pages, I have whole sections where several people remain totally silent, which is a bit odd when there's a conversation scene...

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Finished! Well, finished this early draft. There will be a few more before it's ready to do anything with it, some of the dodgy science needs a bit of airbrushing, but it's all pretty much there. And now I can't think about anything for a few days, so we're going to stay with some friends for the weekend, where I am determined to do no writing or thinking whatsoever. Just watching movies, drinking, chatting, and enjoying myself.

I'm still taking a notebook, though. Just in case. The good ideas only come when you haven't got a pen handy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Hooray for Blogger, and the new, free Pro features! Hooray for Google, for buying Blogger, and being a great search engine! Hooray for me, because this is my blog and I'll do what I like!

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

More fine tuning yesterday and today. Lots of spending hours fiddling with two lines, then putting them back, then deleting them altogether, then doing something else, then going back to where the two lines were and putting them back, but slightly different, then moving on, then just when you think you've solved the two lines problem, you go back and spend more time on them until they're right (you think).

I've rejigged and moved things around and tweaked and added stuff. Still not finished, just got to the start of the final sequence. I added the bit in the middle I wanted, and have generally improved things and got them sounding right. Should finish up tomorrow, hopefully.

And when I do, I may do another draft of the Craw Lodge, God help me. But it needs it, and I've been away from it long enough, and I know what needs fixing, so it shouldn't be too bad. But still - bloody hell. Also got some outlines to do. It'll all be worth it soon, hopefully. It's quite tiring though, thinking. I'm not used to it.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

Met a nice lady from a film company on Thursday, they're looking for book adaptations, so I'm currently scouring my bookshelves for cool stuff that would make a good movie. I realise the blasphemy of what I've just said, but hey, that's Hollywood, love.

Friday I met a nice man from another film company, he's looking for straight horror, dead serious stuff, which the Craw Lodge isn't, it's a black comedy horror. Got a couple of ideas for dead serious horror though, so I'm going to work those up into outlines. Apparently horror is "hot" at the moment, so I may as well take advantage of it.

Saturday me and Jodie brainstormed ideas for the main groovy horror one, and a couple of other good ones. I'll work those up into pitches/outlines soon.

And today I spent several hours going through the script I finished last Wednesday. Got about halfway through, going quite well. Needs another sequence in the middle, just to give the characters more drama and excitement. I may need more people to kill, though, which will be difficult. I may need to find a way around that. Maybe just a serious injury. How casually I toy with people's lives.

We're halfway through our homemade strawberry ice cream. We made it last week, and it's bloody gorgeous. I highly recommend it. But you can't have any. It's ours. We mades the precious and we going to eats it, yes...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Added a few things to the script yesterday, just little extra bits for clarity. Haven't gone over it yet, I'm going to leave it for a couple of days, so it's not so fresh in my mind. And I need a break from it, so it'll all seem new when I read it again.

Monday, September 01, 2003

3 and a half pages today, one of which was an addition to an earlier scene that just occurred to me to add. And with that, I have finished the very first draft - 87 pages long. I'll be going over it tomorrow, polishing, adding things that need adding, lengthening some, shortening others. It'll probably get a few pages longer. The general rule is one page of script roughs out at one minute of screen time, so it should be a fairly lean, 1 and a half hour movie, which can only be a good thing for an action movie - keep it lean and fast.

Charles Bronson died last Saturday, which is a real shame. I already had a big tribute to him in the script, just because he's cool, but now I'm going to add to it a bit.

Spent three hours last night defrosting our freezer. Two shelves, one of which was solid ice all the way through. So I couldn't actually defrost it, it would have taken a year to melt. I had to get down on the floor with a towel, three baking trays, and a screwdriver, and chip away at the bastard. Cleared out the top part, then used a hair dryer to get through to the edge bit of the shelf, and then chipped away everything else. It was epic - filled the entire sink with ice, and the extra, weird, mini-sink too. Photographs soon. Can now open the bottom drawer, and put things in the top shelf. To celebrate, I had ice cubes in my Jim Beam today.

Meeting a producer on Thursday evening for a general meeting - my crystal ball predicts they will say "Loved The School, obviously it'll never be made though, what else have you got?", because that what they all say... And meeting another producer on Friday evening for a more specific meeting. Nothing major, usually in these things you just chat for a while, mention things you like, and they ask you to send them specific stuff if you ever have something that might suit. No guarantees, no promises, just getting my face around, letting them know a new pimp is in town, etc. The first time I met a producer, I thought ooh, cool, my stuff will all be on the telly next week. But as I keep learning, everything moves really slowly in TV and Film Land...