Monday, September 01, 2003

3 and a half pages today, one of which was an addition to an earlier scene that just occurred to me to add. And with that, I have finished the very first draft - 87 pages long. I'll be going over it tomorrow, polishing, adding things that need adding, lengthening some, shortening others. It'll probably get a few pages longer. The general rule is one page of script roughs out at one minute of screen time, so it should be a fairly lean, 1 and a half hour movie, which can only be a good thing for an action movie - keep it lean and fast.

Charles Bronson died last Saturday, which is a real shame. I already had a big tribute to him in the script, just because he's cool, but now I'm going to add to it a bit.

Spent three hours last night defrosting our freezer. Two shelves, one of which was solid ice all the way through. So I couldn't actually defrost it, it would have taken a year to melt. I had to get down on the floor with a towel, three baking trays, and a screwdriver, and chip away at the bastard. Cleared out the top part, then used a hair dryer to get through to the edge bit of the shelf, and then chipped away everything else. It was epic - filled the entire sink with ice, and the extra, weird, mini-sink too. Photographs soon. Can now open the bottom drawer, and put things in the top shelf. To celebrate, I had ice cubes in my Jim Beam today.

Meeting a producer on Thursday evening for a general meeting - my crystal ball predicts they will say "Loved The School, obviously it'll never be made though, what else have you got?", because that what they all say... And meeting another producer on Friday evening for a more specific meeting. Nothing major, usually in these things you just chat for a while, mention things you like, and they ask you to send them specific stuff if you ever have something that might suit. No guarantees, no promises, just getting my face around, letting them know a new pimp is in town, etc. The first time I met a producer, I thought ooh, cool, my stuff will all be on the telly next week. But as I keep learning, everything moves really slowly in TV and Film Land...

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