Monday, September 29, 2003

Blimey, haven't posted in ages, better do some updates.

SciFi thing: did the polish, sent it to Mr AgentBloke, and we then had a big chat about why having X in it wouldn't really work, which was a bit disheartening, because X was in the outline, and we spent ages working on the outline so that I wouldn't have to start messing around like this when the final script was done. Phoned the director, chatted about it, and between the three of us, we changed X to Y, which works just as well, and will mean changing lots of the opening stuff. This good because it fixes things, but bad because it means losing one of my favourite scenes. Oh well, these things happen.

Spent last week doing the rewrite on the Craw Lodge, which makes it draft number eleven kajillion. Did a lot of fiddling, changing, adding tension, a new spooky bit at the beginning, substantially fiddled with the third act, and hopefully made it much better. But I've worked on it so much, I now have no idea what is good or bad anymore. I just have to wait and see what the feedback is, I honestly don't know if it's great or shite. Which isn't helpful when trying to make it better.

Started doing the rewrite on the SciFi thingy, the opening stuff took a long time, but it's finally sorted, and I'm onto the second act now. I think it's for the better, the changes have meant that the characters already know each other, rather than me having to introduce them all, which is always boring for an audience. The opening is more exciting now, too.

Also getting lots of ideas for various things, which I have been frantically putting into outline format, to see how they hold up. Ideas I'm not short of. Saleable material, on the other hand... We're really broke at the moment, so apart from the coolness of it, selling something would really, really, really help out. A lot.

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