Sunday, September 07, 2003

Met a nice lady from a film company on Thursday, they're looking for book adaptations, so I'm currently scouring my bookshelves for cool stuff that would make a good movie. I realise the blasphemy of what I've just said, but hey, that's Hollywood, love.

Friday I met a nice man from another film company, he's looking for straight horror, dead serious stuff, which the Craw Lodge isn't, it's a black comedy horror. Got a couple of ideas for dead serious horror though, so I'm going to work those up into outlines. Apparently horror is "hot" at the moment, so I may as well take advantage of it.

Saturday me and Jodie brainstormed ideas for the main groovy horror one, and a couple of other good ones. I'll work those up into pitches/outlines soon.

And today I spent several hours going through the script I finished last Wednesday. Got about halfway through, going quite well. Needs another sequence in the middle, just to give the characters more drama and excitement. I may need more people to kill, though, which will be difficult. I may need to find a way around that. Maybe just a serious injury. How casually I toy with people's lives.

We're halfway through our homemade strawberry ice cream. We made it last week, and it's bloody gorgeous. I highly recommend it. But you can't have any. It's ours. We mades the precious and we going to eats it, yes...

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