Tuesday, September 09, 2003

More fine tuning yesterday and today. Lots of spending hours fiddling with two lines, then putting them back, then deleting them altogether, then doing something else, then going back to where the two lines were and putting them back, but slightly different, then moving on, then just when you think you've solved the two lines problem, you go back and spend more time on them until they're right (you think).

I've rejigged and moved things around and tweaked and added stuff. Still not finished, just got to the start of the final sequence. I added the bit in the middle I wanted, and have generally improved things and got them sounding right. Should finish up tomorrow, hopefully.

And when I do, I may do another draft of the Craw Lodge, God help me. But it needs it, and I've been away from it long enough, and I know what needs fixing, so it shouldn't be too bad. But still - bloody hell. Also got some outlines to do. It'll all be worth it soon, hopefully. It's quite tiring though, thinking. I'm not used to it.

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