Wednesday, October 01, 2003

A moment of clarity

Spent the last couple of days doing some serious thinking and talking about the Craw Lodge with Jodie. Today, we finally came up with a plausible background and bad guy for it, which I think will actually work. The good thing is, it will simplify things, make the revelation a bit more "oh yeeees, I see", and should make it more exciting. Jago likes the sound of it, so I'm going to keep at it before I even start the new draft. (2006 edit: this was, indeed, the moment where it went right. The new background and ending saved it, made tons more sense, and got me excited about reading/writing the script again. Most of this stuff stayed in, right through to the finished film. Sorry if you're reading this without knowing the end, I've just spoiled the surprise. And now back I go to The Future.)

Nearly finished the rewrite of the scifi thingy, which is going very well. Once that's done (probably tomorrow), I'll give it another dialogue pass just to snap things up a bit, then send it off and see what everyone thinks.

Also came up with an outline for the tv comedy idea, and one for a really cool film idea which I love to bits, which either means it's really cool, or really shit. I can never tell...

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