Friday, November 14, 2003

Met Pat today, all went smoothly, we had a great chat about the script, and action movies in general, and sorted out most of the problems. I'm dying to get going on it, but I've learned my lesson well (coughCrawLodgecough), so I'll be doing a revised outline before even attempting a new draft.

Speaking of the devil, the Craw Lodge draft is going really well. It's going slowly, but only because I'm being really careful with it. It's leaner and tighter too - I've checked the previous draft, and the bit I'm on at the moment is page 32, whereas in the previous draft, it was page 37. This a good thing, as it means a lot more stuff happens in the first half hour, before it kind of dragged a bit. So it's cool.

I spent some of last night typing up a wish list for whoever ends up re-editing the DVDs of Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions into a single, superior sequel. I loved Reloaded, but would have still loved it if half an hour had been edited out. Revolutions, on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. It was flabby, self indulgent, boring, and lazy, a massive let down, I'm really fed up about it. By the way, there's a difference between being ambiguous, and just not giving any information whatsoever - we're supposed to make up our own minds, not have to make up our own movie... If I'd handed in a script like that to Jago, he'd have made me eat it, page by page. You see, he refuses to let me send out a substandard script because it makes me look bad - but when you get really big and famous, everybody just kisses your ass and is too scared to say no to you. People need to start saying no, sorry, this is fucking shit and you can do better. Hey! Wachowskis! No! This is fucking shit, and you can do better! There. When they read this, they'll be shitting their pants, I bet. "What?? Some nobody from England didn't like our movie that made several hundred million dollars?? Fuck! We're doomed!"

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