Friday, November 07, 2003

One more draft of the scifi thingy, just to iron out some things, and off it goes to Pat, the director. I hope he likes it. It may seem like I'm doing a lot of drafts, but when I say "draft", it can mean anything from a full rewrite, rejig and reworking, to a quick run through to polish dialogue or tighten some lines up. So on average, a "proper" draft is about 3 of my drafts. I work really fast, and just can't seem to spend several days polishing one scene, I get bored with it, I need to do what I can, then come back to it later. If it's too fresh in my mind, then I won't be able to do anything to it.

I used to think that a new draft meant a completely new version - ie, when Stephen King wrote the first draft of his novel, I assumed that he'd print it out, start a new document, and just retype it, from scratch, occasionally glancing at the printout to remind himself of a character name or something. Which, I realise now, would be fucking insane, it'd be like a first draft every time.

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