Monday, November 10, 2003

Pat likes the scifi thingy, but would like some changes and stuff, which I was expecting, so we're meeting up on Thursday to chat about it. It shouldn't take us too long to whittle it into shape, as it works pretty well as it is. This script is a lot easier to work with than The Craw Lodge, as it has always had a proper ending.

Speaking of which... I started the new draft of Craw Lodge yesterday. This'll be draft 13, including the draft which I have to abandon. It's annoying, because although the shit, abandoned draft is useless, there are some line changes and tweaks that I liked, so I have to go through it after I've done this draft, and see if I've made any small changes that I need to copy over. But it's not too bad, now that I've broken the back of it, it should be fine. I've finally got a proper outline for it (go here for details), a proper ending, and a plausible, simple backstory that doesn't require 5 pages of exposition to explain. So I'm actually happy about doing this new draft, amazingly. Something I never thought I'd say about this bloody script...

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