Friday, December 05, 2003

Started the new polish that very same day, I've been working on it solidly ever since. Well, in between such tiresome wastes of time such as sleeping, eating, working the dayjob, etc etc. I'm about two thirds of the way through it, it's not taking too long at all. Most of the changes come at the end, but I'll fall off that burning, exploding bridge when it lands on me. One other major change involved removing a totally redundant scene - I could tell it was redundant, because after I'd removed it, I didn't have to do *any* other edits to cover the gap, it was just totally pointless. But it had some good jokes in, so I'd been hanging on to it. You've got to murder your evil babies in this game, you've really got to just stick the fuckers in a bag and drown them. So I did. And it felt good...

It's now half 1 in the morning. Sleep time. Sleep good. Writing evil. But... writing feel good. Me evil. Ha ha. World domination.

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