Wednesday, January 21, 2004

And now, the end is near...

I never, ever thought I would get to this stage. Never. It's been so, so long... Did a few more minor polishes on Craw Lodge, just tweaking lines and one or two scenes at the end, just trying to make it work. Did the final work last night. Then did the final final really I mean it this time final work on it this morning, some of it over the phone, deciding what worked best. Then I emailed it off.

It's finished. For now. I had some interest in a previous draft, the guy was trying to get some investment money together, which still might happen, but as of today, we're sending it out to everyone. When I say "we", I mean my agent is sending it out while I just sit at home. If someone wants to make it, they'll probably want changes and things, but I don't care. The bulk of the donkey work is over and done with. I can write something else, forget all about it for a while.

Of course, now the waiting begins. And the nagging, terrifying feeling that nobody will like it or want to make it, and I'll have wasted all that work, all that awful, soul-destroying work... I learned a lot from the experience, though, so it is kind of good, in a way. But I'm glad it's over. I'm just worried now that it'll all be for nothing. Of course, every new draft improved it, and if it had been sent out a couple of months ago, nobody would have been interested. I know it's good. But still...

In the meantime, I need to start work on something else. Haven't decided what, yet. I know it won't be a horror, that's for damn sure. Not for a while.

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