Wednesday, January 21, 2004

God is in the details

Just some more details as to what happens, this is supposed to be an informative writing blog, I've just remembered:

Now that the draft is ready - written in Word, using a free script template available from somewhere on the excellent BBC website (somewhere on the writing section) - my agent will spring into action. Several copies will be printed out, and bound with two of those big metal clippy things, with a nice cover with the agency's name and address on. They will be posted out, and tomorrow morning (or Friday morning) a fat envelope will be landing on the desk of every film producer that might be interested. Obviously, people who only make romantic comedies will not be approached - part of the agent's job is to pick out people who are interested in the subject matter, and target them accordingly. I've already met some of the people, so some of them will be expecting to see this particular script, for others it will be a horrible surprise.

Then I wait here, terrified, hoping that someone will like it. If they do, they'll contact the agency, and I'll probably go to meet them. What happens then, I don't know. I'm just hoping it gets to that stage, where someone likes it. More news as it happens...

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