Friday, January 30, 2004

Meetings and things

Was supposed to be meeting some tv people today about The School, but one of them can't make it, so it's rescheduled for the 12th Feb. Which is cool, because I was able to meet a really groovy French director who loved P45, and would love to make it. We had a great chat about the script, and all sorts of things, so if anyone wants to buy it, there's already somebody who would like to direct it. This is all good. He also had a couple of cool suggestions, which gave me an idea of how to make the subplot even cooler, so I might have a fiddle with it soon.

He also wants me to read this book that he and his producer want to make. It's a gritty ganster thriller, with odd elements, and he thinks I'd be able to adapt it well. I'm going to read it and see what it's like, but it sounds good.

No reponses from producers or companies yet, I'm going to assume that they'll all read it over the weekend...

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