Friday, February 13, 2004

More Goodness

Nothing to do with writing, but... we finally sorted out our plane tickets, and will be visiting our mate in Switzerland soon. I've never been, and am very excited. Lots of snow, mountains, trees, and pretty scenery. And chocolate. Mucho choccie.

Also bought a selection of cables and connectors that, when slotted together, enabled me to take the SVideo output from my home PC and connect it to the Scart socket of my telly. This means that we can watch a couple of movies and tv things that only exist on the hard drive - and also means that we don't have to put up with Sky One's piss poor presentation of the new series of 24. Fuck them and their 500 ad breaks per minute, I'm just going to download it - already got episodes 1-6, will be watching them this weekend...

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