Thursday, February 12, 2004

Oddness and Goodness

Somebody found a copy of P45 on a bus. All copies have my agent's contact details on the front, so they phoned up and said "Here, I've found this script". Which is very bizarre. The only possible explanation is: one of the producers it got sent to was reading it on the bus, and (a) got distracted and left it there by accident, or (b) hated it so much they littered public transport. The test will be if they phone up to ask for another copy to replace the one they lost. Either way, it's an interesting story... Update: They never phoned up to ask for a replacement. We never found out who left it on the bus.

Got the first responses from a few people: one rejected it outright because they don't like any horror, which is fair enough. One wouldn't even read it, because they only read stuff by big name writers - you'd have thought they'd judge something by the writing, not by whose name is on it, but hey, fuck 'em. If I ever do get to be a "big name", then I shall specifically request that nothing of mine is ever sent to them again. I am the Duke of Grudge.

First proper response: somebody from A Big Company read it, loved it, thought it was well funny, well scary, and a top read. They're going to get the big boss to read it soon - they usually like the same things, which is promising. So it's all good news so far. Watch this space, more news as it arrives...

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