Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Oops, forgot to update. Working on Harvest, I have about 3 weeks to do a new draft, which should be fine. I've got everything pretty much worked out, I just need to go in and do it.

Spoke to a man from a Large Television Company - oh bollocks, from the BBC, there, I said it, enough of this coy "Somebody From A Certain Place" shite, this is supposed to be a blog about the nuts and bolts of writing and trying to sell the writing, sorry about that, I'll try and talk properly from now on. Right. Where was I? Man from the Beeb, wants a 90 minute one off thing for BBC3, something interesting, edgy, not the usual boring drama shite. Did I have anything? It turned into a bit of a pitch session over the phone, which was scary, but we picked out 4 ideas of mine (existing ones in various stages of readiness) that he liked the sound of. 2 of them have full outlines, which is cool. One has half an outline, and one is just a two line idea, so I'm currently working those last 2 up into one page outlines. I'll send them over to him, and see what he thinks. Could be a nice little thing, if it works out, unlike the last tv one off drama potential over at ITV - ooh, he's naming names now, the man has no fear - which kind of fizzled out. But then I don't really write ITV-style stuff, so that's not really surprising.

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