Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Rewrite this

Harvest rewrite is going slowly, but very well. I've got some extensive notes from Pat, my own notes in response, and a new outline to keep me on track. I've just spent several days going back over the scenes that I've already just done, because I wasn't happy with them. Now found a compromise, joined two other scenes that were taking too long, and explained things a bit better. I can now finally carry on and get past page 25, which I was on for a long time while I fixed those other bits.

Still percolating the other idea, it's coming together nicely. It's still in two separate bits, but I think I've figured out which bits to stick together, and which bits to put somewhere else. Oh, that reminds me, I need to write a half page outline for the first episode of The School, if I was to rewrite it (for the telly people that I was talking to a while back). So I'd better do that tomorrow, because I've forgotten when it's supposed to be done for - I met them on Feb 12th, and they were going to get back to me "in a month"... erm, so I've got about 9 days, then. Better do it tomorrow. Once you start thinking "oh, I've got ages left", then all of a sudden, you haven't anymore.

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