Monday, April 19, 2004


Oh well. Didn't win anything at the Dresden short film festival. All the categories had two or three special mentions for those who didn't win, and my short didn't even get one of those. Some of them had three special mentions, and one winner - there were five entries in some categories, so pretty much everyone got mentioned except mine. So of course, it's a total fix. I mean, it's an honour to be even nominated, blah blah blah. I'm glad I couldn't go now, I'd have been terribly depressed sitting there hearing everybody else win at the awards ceremony...

Harvest rewrite is done. I'm not making any more changes for a while, as I've got lots of outlines to finish, a new draft of something else to do, and other stuff to get sorted quickly. Two meetings last week, two more this week - I need lots of outlines to send to these people, and fast...

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Writing stuff

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, started kicking the shit out of the new Harvest draft today. Nearly finished the opening sequence, I'm taking no prisoners. I've just removed two characters, because there are way too many, and will be folding two into one for clarity. I'm also waging war on dialogue that neither advances the plot nor does anything cool. Begone, boring lines, or say something exciting. Nice.

my god... he's full of booze...

Dublin is bad for my health. Flying visit for a mate's 30th birthday, turned up Thursday last week, left Saturday. 2 days. Can't do much damage in 2 days, surely?

Thursday night, turned up in the middle of Emmet's gig at a local pub, put him off in the middle of a song (hehe) as planned, had a great night, stayed up boozing and smoking till 5am. Next day, him and some friends had put together a Rage Against the Machine tribute band, and demo'd their first gig to 30 invited friends, and it rocked the house down. Scarily accurate, fucking genius. I've always been sad that I'll never see Rage live - but now I feel like I have. And it was better, cause the lead singer was my best mate. Anyway, back to the flat for a major party, stayed up drinking all night. Someone at one point said "fuck, it's 12 o'clock" - and it had gone way past 4am, so I knew it wasn't midnight. It was the morning. I had my last drink, said my goodbyes, and decided that if I went to sleep now, I'd miss my 5pm flight, so I went for some breakfast in Dublin. Strolled around, then realised that I was absolutely shitfaced, staggering all over the place. Had a long walk around town, looking at everything that had changed, realising that it's not the same town I left in 1996. Got maudlin. Cheered myself up taking photos of skateboarders skating by a "skateboarding prohibited" sign (it was my idea, I egged them on - fuck The Man, man!). Had breakfast, staggered to airport, starting to get hungover, and flew home, to meet Jo at Heathrow, who was unpleasantly surprised to meet a smelly drunk who could barely speak. She got me home, at arm's length, like a shitty-nappied baby, and looked after me beautifully, god bless her. Thanks, honey.

Swore off alcohol (yet again). That lasted until today. I swore off it last weekend, after my sister's birthday party. One of these days, I might even mean it...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Poncing around

Bollocks. Remember my short film, Cheap Rate Gravity? It's just been selected for the Dresden International Festival for Animation and Short Films. The director can't go, because he's busy, so he asked them if I could go instead. They said yes. But it starts next Tuesday. And I've just heard about it (Wednesday evening). The flights are around 400 quid normally, or 200 if I stop off at Frankfurt and spend 5000 years there (including a Saturday). So I probably can't go. Which sucks. There's a cash prize if it wins, but I don't know who gets that - I'll see if the director will give me half, if it even wins, which it probably won't... But that's still cool, I didn't realise anything was still happening with it. Oh, and it's been sold to Canal+, so will be/is being shown on French telly. Nice! Update: just looked up the schedules, it was shown twice on 30th March 2004. Don't know if it will be on again, but you never know. The UK Sci Fi Channel will presumably show it at some stage, too, unless they already have.

Booked in three meetings today over the next few weeks. Things may be happening. And I've got shitloads of stuff to write, none of which I have time to do before going to Dublin tomorrow for a couple of days. On the bright side, I'm going to Dublin tomorrow for a couple of days...

Friday, April 02, 2004

No April Fool

I really meant to do a horribly clever April Fool joke on everyone I know, but I couldn't think of anything. Does that count? No? Oh. Okay, then...

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bits and pieces

Met a nice man from the Beeb today, he's looking for a spooky scary ongoing series. I threw something at him that Jodie and myself came up with, and he seemed to like it, so I've got to work it up into a couple of pages of details to see what he thinks. Once I've done that, we'll send it back and forth a bit, then if he thinks it could work, he'll pass it up the chain. The good thing is that it'll be a very short decision process, so whether it's a yes or a no, it should be fairly soon. Which is cool, because I absolutely hate waiting for things. I also learned the difference between a series and a serial - a "series" is something that can go on forever, like the X-Files, Casualty, Buffy/Angel, Star Trek, etc etc. A "serial" is a one off, a 6 parter, 3 parter, or 1 parter, like Edge of Darkness, State of Play, or those two part period dramas that the Beeb do so well. So now we all know.

Also got lots of other meetings coming up - well, three. Three people from three film companies want to meet me, so everything seems to be moving along quite well. Usually these things are just getting to know you affairs, they tell me about themselves, say what they're looking for, and ask me to send them anything they might be interested in. So I've been working on stuff all this week, outlines and new ideas, new versions of old ideas, so I've got stuff to pimp to them. Forgot to mention, met another guy last week, on the 24th, who wants genre films - horror, scifi, action, thriller, etc - which is good. Nothing concrete yet, but it's all starting to happen, I think.