Thursday, April 01, 2004

Bits and pieces

Met a nice man from the Beeb today, he's looking for a spooky scary ongoing series. I threw something at him that Jodie and myself came up with, and he seemed to like it, so I've got to work it up into a couple of pages of details to see what he thinks. Once I've done that, we'll send it back and forth a bit, then if he thinks it could work, he'll pass it up the chain. The good thing is that it'll be a very short decision process, so whether it's a yes or a no, it should be fairly soon. Which is cool, because I absolutely hate waiting for things. I also learned the difference between a series and a serial - a "series" is something that can go on forever, like the X-Files, Casualty, Buffy/Angel, Star Trek, etc etc. A "serial" is a one off, a 6 parter, 3 parter, or 1 parter, like Edge of Darkness, State of Play, or those two part period dramas that the Beeb do so well. So now we all know.

Also got lots of other meetings coming up - well, three. Three people from three film companies want to meet me, so everything seems to be moving along quite well. Usually these things are just getting to know you affairs, they tell me about themselves, say what they're looking for, and ask me to send them anything they might be interested in. So I've been working on stuff all this week, outlines and new ideas, new versions of old ideas, so I've got stuff to pimp to them. Forgot to mention, met another guy last week, on the 24th, who wants genre films - horror, scifi, action, thriller, etc - which is good. Nothing concrete yet, but it's all starting to happen, I think.

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