Thursday, May 27, 2004

Apple pr0n

Apple computers are fucking sexy. The new Powerbook is a thing of beauty, seamlessly connected to the wireless router, and a joy to use. Things are where you expect. Things work the way you expect. Things do what you tell them. And it's just so... fucking sexy. The Windows machine, on the other hand - and it's barely a year old - is a pain in the arse. The Shared Documents folder vanished the other day, replaced by a Documents folder that we couldn't access. It's full of all our digital camera photos, hundreds and hundreds of them. Irreplaceable. Some weird registry/sharing thing had gone wrong, which involved much fiddling with the registry, and scouring of newsgroups. It's mostly fixed now, but there are still some files and folders we can't get to. Our pictures are safe though. Why the FUCK does Windows just suddenly decide to do this sort of shit? On its own? It is nothing we did. Oh, sorry, you can't see or access that folder ever again, because, er, no fucking reason whatsoever, so just deal with it. Bollocks.

The Powerbook has been a breath of fresh air. In a year or so, I hope to be entirely free of Windows machines, forever. Once we replace the Dell with an iMac or a sexy new G5, I just won't ever have a PC in the house again. And I'm not blaming Dell, they make lovely black beasts of PCs. It's that fucking Windows shit. It's not good enough. And Internet Explorer sucks donkey dicks. I've been using Firefox for ages now, would never touch IE again, with its shoddy standards and poor support for pretty much everything. Bill Gates - you are holding back the internet. GET - THE FUCK - OUT! And take your shitty, bloated, fuckstupid "software" with you. I've had it with your shit, this random fucking weird behaviour that makes NO FUCKING SENSE, your Windows fucking sucks, so shove it right up your fucking ass. And get some decent fucking glasses man, for christ's sake, you're a multi billionaire, stop looking like some fucking accountant who's never had sex.

Sorry. This has been a rant. Please go about your business.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! That is so true. Dude I would just dump Windows tommorrow. If you want to keep the hardware install a nice version of Linux. Windows sucks hard period. I have had so much trouble with windows over the years and since switching, hardly any issues. At least nothing of the calibre that happens on windows. Vista is out now and it sucks harder than ever. It is like a friggin pretty truck with an undercarriage made from cheap plastic. It falls over and bluescreens and is a pile of shit. Enjoy Mac it is the best there is.