Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Is it safe?

Had a root canal 2 years ago, which wasn't the most fun in the world. A huge filling had fallen out of the tooth, but because I waited a year to get it fixed, they had to drill away loads of decay, which didn't leave much actual tooth behind. It's now filled with root canal cement or whatever it is. Anyway, last week, quarter of the tooth just came off while I ate a Galaxy Swirl. It was worth it. I was dreading the dentist visit today, I thought they'd take it out, which always sucks, you can't eat properly for weeks afterwards, and it's just unpleasant all round. But no, I went in, they drilled a bit (no anaesthetic, cause it had been root canalled, which deadens the tooth, so I didn't feel a thing), filled the new gaping chasm, scaled and polished all the others (not sure, but it's cold and pepperminty), and I was done, in less than half an hour. Fantastic. No injection, and a pleasant minty taste in my mouth after - the best dentist visit ever. All for 26 quid. Bargain. I have to be careful with it today, and reasonably careful with the tooth in future - apparently it is now "80% filling". But if it breaks again, they'll just crown it, rather than pulling it out. I'm so relieved. My butcher dentist back when I lived in a small town in Cork was always taking teeth out, and he was shit at it, having to get his foot up on the chair to yank the back ones out. One time I was left with bruises all over the side of my face, purely from the muscle damage at trying to stop my jaw getting ripped off. I'll stop talking about this now, because it's horrific...

Rewrite going smoothly and quickly, still, and trying to find time to work on some other outlines, but failing. Also trying not to poke the new filling with my tongue, and failing that too.

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