Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Lots of news updates. Okay, start at the beginning.

Met a really nice producer who wants to develop an outline with me - I'm meeting him again on Friday, he reckons that with a good outline and using my other stuff as a sample, it should be relatively easy to get development money. This is money you are paid to finish working out the story, and to write the script, which is much better than just writing a script in the hope that someone wants to buy it, like with P45. But I had to do that with P45, because I hadn't proved myself yet. So I've summarised all my outlines and half ideas into one document, we'll see if he likes the sound of any.

Meeting Pat tomorrow to talk about the next draft of the scifi action thingy. It's coming along nicely, so we'll just kick it into shape a bit more.

Met the P45 people on Monday to talk about the revisions. They liked the first draft very much, and just want to ramp up the horror a bit more. We had a really long talk about it, and came up with some cool stuff, which I am starting on right now.

Still trying to work out the details of the possible tv thing with the man from the Beeb. Nothing concrete yet, we're just trying to get an outline/rules list for the thing, then his bosses can look at it, and say my god, it's a work of genius, or my god, it's a pile of shit.

So lots of writing to do. Oh, and yes, Evil Dead trilogy won. I still haven't read those two books yet...

Saturday, June 19, 2004


Must mention this - the new version of Mozilla Firefox launched yesterday or the day before. If you're not using it, go and get it here. In my not so humble opinion, it's the bestest web browser ever. I've been using it before it was called Firefox, even before it was called Firebird, back in the Phoenix days, and would never, ever go back to IE, which is a bloated, buggy, standards-ignoring pile of shit.

I love Safari on my Powerbook, but I've just downloaded Firefox to use instead, because it just does more things, and I'm used to it. I'll miss Safari, but I miss Firefox too much, with all its little extensions that make life so much easier. Go and download it, you don't know what you're missing.

Another meeting

Thought I'd met everybody in the film industry, but must have missed one - a very nice producer/director, who I met on Thursday. He would like to develop something with me, and I'd like that too, because he's really nice, has similar tastes to me, and I just get on with him. No idea what we'll end up doing together, but we're chatting again in a couple of weeks, as he wants to make sure we keep things going. So it's back to the outlines for me, I'm still tweaking things here and there, and trying to get stuff solid.


The gorgeous iLap arrived last week, and is everything I had hoped for. Fantastic, worth every penny. Even though yesterday I got a letter hitting me up for 24 quid customs charges, which I thought I'd got away with, seeing as it was couriered over and didn't have the price on it. Even with that, it's still worth it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Bought my first ever iTune today - the European version of iTunes launched today, and it rocks. Few first day errors here and there - some albums were "unavailable", apparently (what, they were sold out of their DIGITAL copies?) - but on the whole, a very pleasant experience. And my first iTune was the new Beastie Boys single. It won't be my last.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

First Draft

First draft - first film draft - of P45 is now finished, and has been sent off to the film company. They printed it out yesterday, and are probably reading it now. I'm shitting myself. I will never, ever get over this, it's always going to be terrifying. There is always the chance of getting kicked off if they think I'm not "getting it" or something, as there will be every time, unless I get super powerful or something, which doesn't really happen to writers. So it's nerve wracking. But at least I've been paid, and they can't have the money back because I spent it all on sweets.

Still working on two outlines, and the idea for the third (the historical adventure thingy), for which the two books arrived today. Trouble is, they arrived at the same time as the Evil Dead Trilogy on DVD, and I *know* I'd rather watch that than read the books...

Monday, June 07, 2004


Long weekend writing - had Friday off, got today off, and got a lot done. I think I'm finished the P45 draft, and I tidied up and finished the outlines for 4 other things. Also got an idea for a brand new thing, a historical adventure thingy with all sorts of coolness, and it's all Based On A True Story...

Got bucketloads done, so I'm feeling pretty cool. Also bought a funky new stand for the Powerbook - had to order it from America, as they're brand new. I just couldn't find anything decent over here, they all seem a bit rubbish and flimsy, and far too small. This one works on a desk or your lap/sofa/bed/etc, and looks gorgeous. In 3 to 5 days, it will be mine...