Wednesday, June 09, 2004

First Draft

First draft - first film draft - of P45 is now finished, and has been sent off to the film company. They printed it out yesterday, and are probably reading it now. I'm shitting myself. I will never, ever get over this, it's always going to be terrifying. There is always the chance of getting kicked off if they think I'm not "getting it" or something, as there will be every time, unless I get super powerful or something, which doesn't really happen to writers. So it's nerve wracking. But at least I've been paid, and they can't have the money back because I spent it all on sweets.

Still working on two outlines, and the idea for the third (the historical adventure thingy), for which the two books arrived today. Trouble is, they arrived at the same time as the Evil Dead Trilogy on DVD, and I *know* I'd rather watch that than read the books...


Cindy said...

Wheee! *hugs you tight*

I'll so keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

It will be fine, I'm very very sure of that!

*more hugs*

James Moran said...

I have that in writing now, you can't take it back - if it all goes wrong, I can *prove* that everything is your fault. Everything. Even cold chips.