Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Lots of news updates. Okay, start at the beginning.

Met a really nice producer who wants to develop an outline with me - I'm meeting him again on Friday, he reckons that with a good outline and using my other stuff as a sample, it should be relatively easy to get development money. This is money you are paid to finish working out the story, and to write the script, which is much better than just writing a script in the hope that someone wants to buy it, like with P45. But I had to do that with P45, because I hadn't proved myself yet. So I've summarised all my outlines and half ideas into one document, we'll see if he likes the sound of any.

Meeting Pat tomorrow to talk about the next draft of the scifi action thingy. It's coming along nicely, so we'll just kick it into shape a bit more.

Met the P45 people on Monday to talk about the revisions. They liked the first draft very much, and just want to ramp up the horror a bit more. We had a really long talk about it, and came up with some cool stuff, which I am starting on right now.

Still trying to work out the details of the possible tv thing with the man from the Beeb. Nothing concrete yet, we're just trying to get an outline/rules list for the thing, then his bosses can look at it, and say my god, it's a work of genius, or my god, it's a pile of shit.

So lots of writing to do. Oh, and yes, Evil Dead trilogy won. I still haven't read those two books yet...


Royce Fujii said...

Where can I to learn abt it in detail?

James Moran said...

Learn about what? I'm not sure what you mean.