Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Meetings and ting

Met Pat, had a great chat about the scifi thing, and we came up with some really cool stuff to sort out the script with. It'll involve more than my usual 5 minutes of internet research, too, which is all good.

The producer liked one of my outlines a lot, and I liked one of his a lot, a book he has the rights to. We'll see if we can work out proper outlines for both of them, although I'd much rather do his one, it sounds much more interesting than mine.

P45 redraft is going very well, very quickly, and very smoothly. I'm spending a lot of time on it, and really enjoying it. I used to hate every word of the script, now I agonise over taking anything out, which is always good.

Oh, and other news - I am officially a businessman. I had to open a separate account to put the tax money into. When you get paid, they don't take the tax off it, you have to work out what it is, and put it to one side. Then at the end of the financial year you pay the tax vampires everything you owe them in one big lump, handing over all your details to prove that you're not fiddling it. I knew that if I kept it all in one account, I'd just spend it, so I now have a proper business account for tax, with a chequebook and everything. They also did me a savings account, so that I can start putting money aside every now and again. It's all very exciting.

And I upgraded my phone, too, which was free. Went from a Nokia 8310 to an Ericsson Something Or Other. It has colour pictures and a camera and things. I'm always about 2 years behind the latest cool phone trend, but now I'm only about 1 year behind, so I feel pretty damn trendy. It's a lovely phone, though.

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