Friday, July 16, 2004


Handed in the revised first draft of P45 on Tuesday morning. When I say "handed it in", I mean I emailed it to them. It's the 20th Century, after all. No, it's the 21st. So I've done a first movie draft, then we met again, and I did a revised draft, which is a bit like half a draft, lots of changes, but nothing huge and drastic. So they're reading it now, or putting off reading it, or they've read it and are trying to figure out how to politely tell me to fuck off. I think now is the time where they have to make it, get me to do a new draft, or kick me off and get someone else. I'm not sure though, I'll have to read the contract, they might have to get another draft out of me before they do anything else. But we'll see what happens. I've done everything they asked, I think it's much, much better, more exciting, more tense, scarier, and cooler. I really enjoyed both drafts, too, which still feels strange to say.

Now I'm fiddling with 4 outlines, still reading one of two books for the historical adventure thingy, and came up with a cool new idea last night. So I'm not all washed up just yet, there's still stuff popping into my head, which is good.

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