Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Movies, movies, movies

Long, long, long weekend of movies at the FrightFest - saw some amazing movies, had a great time. Best movie for me was Switchblade Romance, an incredibly intense, fucked up French horror/slasher, which should do well. The Machinist was superb, as were Old Boy, The Ordeal, and Creep, the new British horror film set in the tube tunnels. Got to meet the producer again (met him before for one of those general meet and greet things), and didn't get a word in edgeways with the director, who talks at about 200mph (2007 Update: This was my first time meeting Chris Smith, I was all set to tell him how much I liked Creep, but didn't manage to get a word in - he immediately started saying how much he loved my script, and talking about what he wanted to do, making it even bigger, etc, and that he really wanted to direct it. He left, and I finally managed to mumble "cheers" to his retreating figure...).

Sadly, didn't get to kidnap Franka Potente and put her in my dungeon (built specially for her), but got to see her and the director at the Q&A after the movie. Oh, and there was a Mexican zombie comedy short film called Another Brick in the Wall, which brought the house down, and I met the director of that, too - well, when I say "met", I mean I saw him and went up and geeky fanboyed at him.

Stayed up late, got up early, had lots of fryups, too many/not enough expensive cocktails, stayed in a fancy schmancy hotel, and saw 16 out of 21 movies over 4 days. It now feels weird not to be in a dark cinema. I think I've lost a part of my mind. Brilliant weekend though, can't wait for next year.

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