Friday, September 10, 2004

Pitch day

Went to a free Shaun of the Dead screening last night (they gave us tickets at the Creep preview at the FrightFest), where the director and cast did a live commentary, like a DVD commentary, but instead of it merely seeming like they're in the room with you, they actually are in the room with you. It was fucking hilarious. Pegg, Frost, Wright - you are The Man. Er, The Men. Or something.

Today is the scifi action pitch. Me and Pat are meeting up beforehand to practice and go over what we're going to say. It should be a laugh, because we know them, and they know us, so it's all cool. They're the same company that are doing P45, so we're in safe hands, even if they laugh at us and tell us never to come back again.


Anonymous said...

You're sexy.

James Moran said...

Gimme some sugar, baby