Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I've been slack with updates, but there's been lots of news, so let's get the party started:

The first, major company we pitched the action scifi to called back, and really like it. They want us to pitch it to their big boss. Holy shit. But we need to practice and refine it. We went in for a practice session with the same guy as last time, and ended up changing a key part of the story, so I've got to redo the outline and breakdown before the real pitch. We haven't got a date for that yet, but it'll probably be soon. I wish we hadn't changed so much stuff at the last minute, but it makes the overall story stronger and more exciting, so it's all good. We've got a real shot at getting this commissioned, as long as we don't fuck it up.

P45 news: We have a director. And a producer. I can't say who just yet, as they haven't officially announced it or finished sorting the contract stuff. But suffice to say it is the people I was most hoping would do it - they've already done a movie that I love, and are perfect. I've met them before, and the other week we had big meeting about the next draft, with all their input - all of which is superb. So I'm currently writing the new draft. They're scouting for filming locations at the moment - it's either going to be Hungary or the Czech-Republic, partly because it's cheaper, partly because they have excellent crews and directors of photography (the people who do the lighting, and sort out where to put the camera when the director says "I want a low angle and then make it go whoooosh over there, spin around, and end up on her left breast"). So it's all moving along quite quickly. They're hoping to start shooting by January or February - which is when I should be able to leave work for good, if all goes well.

Speaking of work, I'm going down to 2 days a week from November. With the new P45 draft, the scifi action thing, the BBC thing (which I haven't even started), and a few other things on the go, I just haven't got enough time to write in the evenings and weekends. So I'm taking the money I get for this new draft, and using it to go part time at my dayjob. That'll keep me going until about February, by which time, hopefully, I'll have sold something or get paid my main fee for P45 (I get it on the first day of filming, which is what normally happens).

It's all kicking off, and I'm shitting myself with excitement. More news as it comes in...

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Cindy said...

i'm so excited and happy for you!