Thursday, October 21, 2004

Plate spinning

Everything is happening at once. Craziness. P45 film draft is going very well, and I get regular phonecalls from the film company and the new producer, "just seeing if you're okay", or "just making sure everything's all right", and so on. The thing is, everything and everyone is now waiting for me to finish - they can't do anything until I hand in the new draft. They're really nice about it, and I'm not late or anything, but I can tell they'll be much happier when I've finished.

The big pitch for the scifi action thing happens tomorrow. We had a practice one, but the main one got pushed back for various reasons, and we tweaked the story to make it cooler. The main event is tomorrow, with the big boss of development at the biggest UK film company in town, possibly the only people in the UK with the cash to make this movie. If they don't commission it, then we'll have to go outside the UK with it, which may be more difficult.

Also tomorrow me and Jo are heading to a mate's house in Nottingham for the weekend. I will be bringing the Powerbook to write on while I'm there, as he has wireless broadband.

Soon I will be changing the design of this blog, replacing a few images with my own, slowly and carefully. I've only just realised I'm allowed to do that, so if it all suddenly looks horrible, you can thank me.

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