Saturday, October 30, 2004

Space virus, movies, P45, poker, and bananas

How long is this fucking space virus going to last? I had to skip a Friday night drink with some mates to celebrate the life of the late great Sir John of Peel. Then tonight (Saturday night) I was supposed to be heading to a Halloween party with some other mates. About 3pm, I finally admitted to myself that I just wasn't well enough. Had a really shit night last night, coughing and snotting, and today I just felt weak and wobbly again, and my nose was doing that hosepipe thing, and my throat feels like I've been swallowing rusty swords. It's been over a week now. Please, space virus, if you can hear me: FUCK OFF. I've had enough.

Tomorrow is Halloween. Me and Jo will carve our huge pumpkin, put on some spooky music, eat some chocolate, and watch scary movies. I've got the collector's edition DVD of Halloween, which I haven't seen in ages, and Deathdream, which is supposed to be really cool.

Tonight we watched Amadeus, the Director's Cut - I've somehow managed to avoid seeing this film, purely by chance (also Citizen Kane, Lawrence of Arabia, the list goes on). It's bloody gorgeous, a real movie-lover's movie, full of tricks and clever bits and bobs, but above all, just beautifully made by everyone involved. Great story too, which Jo informs me is mostly made up (the Salieri sabotage storyline, I mean), but it doesn't matter, because it's fantastic.

I think I've finished P45, by the way. I need to check over it tomorrow, but I think it's there. I'm phoning the producer before I send it in, because I'm paranoid that everybody will hate it and they'll sack me and get someone else to do it and it'll be all shit and they'll make it into Wrong Turn which, apart from Eliza Dushku's tits, had absolutely nothing going for it. But I'm sure it'll all be fine.

Celebrity Poker Showdown is my new favourite thing on the telly. Poker tv shows, for some reason, are really fun to watch. This one is even more fun, it's filmed in Vegas, with cool celebs, witty commentary ("that's right, there's no god in poker *either*"), free booze for the increasingly drunk participants, a rowdy audience, and, tonight, a big bucket of bananas for the audience. I don't know why there were bananas. But I like bananas. So it's all good.

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