Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Space virus

Felt like shit all Friday and Saturday - the shakes, aching bones, wobblyness - then it all went away Sunday evening, and all day Monday. Cool, I thought. Dodged that bullet. Woke up this morning with a throat like sandpaper, and my nose had a suddenly turned into one of those guns that fires 5-litre balls of green goo, if such a thing exists. Got worse during the day, plus I was at work getting hounded by people who wanted this and that done. Left at half 4, couldn't take any more. Am now living on the sofa, face streaming, nose in pieces, unable to concentrate on anything for too long. It's not just a cold or flu, it's obviously some sort of evil space virus that has chosen me as the host to launch its attack on the human race. Jo's looking after me though, it's almost worth being ill for the way she looks after me. Scratch that, it *is* worth it...

Have less than a week left to hand in this P45 draft. Well, two weeks, but I said I'd have it done by the end of October - Sunday night/Monday morning. Plus we might have the scifi-action pitch thing this week. Starting to feel the pressure a bit.

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