Saturday, October 23, 2004

Waiting for the man

Okay, the big pitch wasn't actually the Big Pitch, it was our final practice session and meeting with one of the guys at the studio. Don't know why we both thought it was the Big Pitch, but it doesn't matter really. He gave us our final feedback, really liked everything we'd come up with, and went off to get us booked in for the proper, Big Pitch with the Scary Boss, which should happen at the end of next week, or the beginning of the week after. I'm kind of relieved that we didn't have to do the scary big pitch, but I'm disappointed that it's not over and done with. Obviously the more time we have to refine it, the better, but waiting drives me mad...

P45 is going really well. I've said that about twenty times on this blog now, but it's the truth. Hopefully that won't be an unusual occurrence for me. All the ideas they wanted brought in are great, all the stuff we came up with together is working, and it all fits together properly. I have another few weeks, but I should be finished before then.

Up in Nottingham at the moment for the weekend at a friend's house. Nice and relaxing, apart from feeling really sick since Friday - sore throat, achy joints, tingly skin, all the signs of a nasty cold or flu attack, but without the runny nose. Bizarre. I feel really weak, and it's really annoying. Back home tomorrow, where I'll probably sleep for the rest of the day to try and shake it off.

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