Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A Ra Day

Relief. The cold is nearly gone. Still got some snot and phlegm left, but I'm much stronger and able to face the outside world.

The film company phoned, they really like the new draft of P45. I think they're going to start things going now, as I haven't fucked it up. There will be another mini-draft, but this is the one they're going to work from for now. They're going to work out the budget this week, hire a casting director, and start casting next week. I'm so relieved, every time I send them something I'm convinced they're going to sack me, having realised that I'm a great big faker. But so far, I'm on a winner. Thank Ra, the sun-god, for that - hey, if you're going thank a god, pick any one you like, they're all equally as valid, or not. Today just felt like a Ra day.

The director phoned yesterday, from his bath - he was halfway through, and just wanted to let me know that a certain scene had made him burst out laughing for ages, which was really nice of him. Nobody's ever phoned me from their bath before. I'm relieved that he and the producer like it, as it was mainly their feedback I was putting into it. It's important that they feel I've incorporated their ideas properly, which I think they have.

Also, P45 has been mentioned... in Variety, the industry paper! There was a big article about the film company, and it briefly mentioned some titles, which included mine. Didn't have my name in though, but I don't care. I've been mentioned, indirectly, in Variety. I'm unspeakably excited about that.

And now I'm going to have breakfast. Cereal and tea (separately, I mean, not mixed in the same bowl).


Lily141414 said...

Okay hun that first paragraph was rather discusting, any ways, yah! glad your feeling better..? well ttyl!

James Moran said...

Disgusting? You should have seen what I was *going* to say...

Anonymous said...

there was a load of stuff about 'Cheap Rate Gravity' in a magazine the Guardian put out, um, recently. It was about why Cornwall is ace and wonderful. There was a HUGE picture too, from your shmovie.

the downside of this is that it was all the director going blah blah blah like it was all his idea and brilliance and funding too. bah.

x heyoka