Monday, December 06, 2004

This Is The Week That Is

This week has started well. The film company likes the new draft, will send notes tomorrow, and the read-through/workshop thing should be next week. I've just done a half page synopsis so the producer can approach sales agents - generally, before filming starts, they try and sell the rights to distribute the film in other countries. If you're canny, you can cover the whole cost of the budget with presales, so you're guaranteed a profit. Distribution means getting prints made, sending it out to cinemas, posters, advertising, and all that business. There's likely to be more updates on P45 from now on, as more things seem to be happening, with one cast member soon to be approached. I can't believe they're going to ask her to be in it, in such a thankless, poorly written cardboard character role - but then I think all my characters are rubbish, as soon as there's a chance anyone might read the script. Fuck, I'd love to spill the beans on who they're approaching, but they'd fucking kill me, they would. Literally, the movie business has people who will disappear you if you breach the non-disclosure terms of your contract. Remember the writer Bucky O'Flange? No? Exactly! He blabbed!

Also, the Very Big Film Studio have agreed to the first part of the proposed deal for the action sci-fi thing me and Pat did. So we won't get paid huge amounts, but it'll be more than we were expecting. So it looks like they're at least cautiously optimistic that we can come up with the goods.

Oh, and last week I finally bought Final Draft, the script formatting software. Up till now I've been doing scripts in Word with a free BBC template. I always resisted getting FD, as it sounded like something wannabe writers get so they'll feel more important - but it's actually the industry standard, and is pretty good. If you're working on a real film, it's got all sorts of cool stuff like marking revisions, adding A and B pages (page 78A, 78B etc, so if you add stuff after filming starts, the other page numbers don't change), automatic scene numbering, and it just does the formatting really invisibly and easily. You can just start writing without having to fart around with macros or menus. And it remembers scene headings, which is really handy, especially in P45 where you end up typing EXT. FOREST - NIGHT about a thousand times. And it means the script is exactly the same wherever it is - in Word, for some bizarre reason, the page count varied from 100 to 120 pages on various different machines. It was the exact same file, so I don't know what that was all about. I also got a new Apple iBook to write on. We got a Powerbook for me to write on, but it's so gorgeous, we both use it to write and surf on. So the iBook means we can both get our ApplePorn fix, and I can write on the move - it's a 12 inch one, really light, and I got a cool messenger bag that it fits into perfectly. There's even a pocket for an iPod. I fucking love Apple shit.

Not much else happened today. Did no writing at all, but spent a couple of hours in a coffee shop with Jo, chatting and drinking coffee, which rocked. Best part of the week, already, no question.

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