Sunday, December 19, 2004


P45 workshop on Thursday went very well - I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it was really, really helpful. The actors did the opening scene first, where all the characters are on a bus, and at first, when they just did the scene as is, it sounded utterly, utterly shite. We were all looking at each other, thinking the same thing - this movie is going to suck. After a couple of tries though, we got them to improvise, add bits here and there, just do what felt right - then it came to life. Instead of a scripted scene, it was a real thing, and we all burst out laughing, partly at the jokes, partly out of relief.

Halfway through the day, during the first proper, intense horror scene we did, the director came over to me, all excited, and whispered "this movie's going to be fucking great". We all felt it, it just worked, it really worked. I got loads of ideas, dialogue and thoughts from it, and we all got a bit more energised over the whole thing.

Tomorrow me, the director and producer, and the film company bods are meeting up to talk about the final 2 week's worth of revisions I'll be doing - they'll also have DVD copies of the workshop (they filmed the whole thing on digital video), so I'm looking forward to watching it again. I'm really excited, it really feels like it's actually happening now, instead of just an idea we're all talking about.

2007 Update: The intense horror scene was the beartrap scene (you know the one if you've seen the movie), intercut with Harris and Jill finding the coach. Chris got them into 2 groups so he could do a live intercut thing to see how it played, and it *really* fucking played well, we were all dead excited. I still have the DVDs of the workshops, I must dig them out and see how they compare to the finished product.

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