Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Writing demon

Okay, the second half of the P45 revisions are now officially underway. Met the film people yesterday, including the director and producer, talked about what we wanted from the revisions, working in their notes, the workshop notes, and an addition to the ending that we came up with. All went well, we all want the same thing, so now all I have to do is write it. They'd really like it by 4th January, so it looks like I'm going to be writing pretty much nonstop over the Christmas break. I'll take a lunch hour on Christmas Day, obviously. Well, 45 minutes. No, obviously I won't do anything on the day, but I'll have to write pretty hard most other days. No rush, no pressure, but deliver a killer version of the script by 4th Jan. Sure, okay, I can do that. No problem.

Oh, and from January, I'll be down to 2 days a week at work, which will give me shitloads more writing time, so that's good. Now if you'll excuse me...

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