Monday, January 17, 2005

The new title

I don't know if I'm allowed to announce this or not, but it can't do any harm, so I'm doing it anyway. The official new title for P45 is... "Severance". As in, severance pay, or severed limbs, or heads, or other things. See how it has a double meaning? Crafty, eh? That's depth, that is. I like it the more I hear it, it fits, and it sounds right. So I'm very happy with it.

Had to do a few quick tweaks today, just three lines, and it was ready to send out. It's being emailed to sales agents today - they are people who will distribute it in the cinemas, and you usually have one for each country around the world. If they agree to distribute it, then they pay you for the rights to do that. They then pay for prints, posters, advertising, and all that fun stuff, in return for a share of the profits in that particular country. The idea is, we generate enough excitement about it so that they'll want to snap up the distribution rights - if you can sell to enough of these sales agents in enough countries, you can sometimes cover the entire budget of the film, so you're automatically going to make a profit. Hopefully we'll get a good response from them. It was sent out to them today, so let's wait and see.

As far as I know, casting begins this week or next week. I intend to hang around and watch as much of it as they'll let me, because I'm incredibly excited about the whole thing. More details as they arrive...

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