Friday, February 04, 2005

Casting, and buzz

Things have been quiet on the Severance front, as they're getting on with their side of things, and I'm not needed for anything right now. Got a phonecall from the film company to update me on what has been happening, and there are quite a few things:

Casting is going well, some cool people have been auditioning (they've got the casting director from Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, so that's pretty exciting). I'm going to call in on Wednesday, and they'll show me the audition tapes. Can't wait. They're very close to actually casting one person, and are waiting to hear back from another who was reading it recently. They're famous, proper actors. It's mad.

They've also had a good response from the sales agents - I was slightly wrong about what they do: they sell the foreign distribution rights on our behalf, they don't buy them themselves. But they have to read it and be interested first, they need to believe that they have a chance of selling it. They've all responded very positively, and really like the script. Apparently there's a "buzz" about it at the moment, people have been calling up to ask to read it - including someone from a large American film company that has made some classic horror movies, some excellent recent horror movies, and a certain recent movie trilogy... So that's all really cool to hear. 2007 Update: The big American film company was New Line Cinema. No idea why they wanted to read it, or what happened, but at least someone there read it, which is cool.

Contracts for the scifi action thing and the book adaptation are still being sorted - my agent is locked in mortal combat with the various legal people, which of course he will win, because he's a tough bastard.

And I've finally come up with a new idea to work on, after being stuck for a while. I decided to avoid doing another horror script for a long, long time, as it's really difficult, and you always seem to write stuff that has been done a thousand times before, then you abandon it, and spend ages trying to come up with something cool. So that's it, no more horror for me, I said. The next two ideas I had were for horror movies - both about serial killers, both different types of stories, both impossible to sell, both something that nobody would even want to watch in the cinema. And then last week, I finally came up with another idea, a really cool one, that works. It is, inevitably, a horror movie. But not the same sort of "something is lurking in the shed" type of horror movie, it's more an action thriller type of horror. So that's all right, then. Another story I've been working on for a while, which was a really cool story Jo came up with, has finally sorted itself out, too, and I've knocked the outline together. It's also a horror movie. So I guess I'm doing a horror movie next. 2007 Update: Aha! This was Curfew. Just a bare, embryonic idea at that stage, it had yet to develop...

And after that, I really, really need to do a comedy.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you, you're so cool!

Jo x x x

Anonymous said...

dude, i'm so excited. can't wait to be at the premiere ;) and congratulations and all that stuff. it's really happening. wow.

lou x