Sunday, February 13, 2005

Casting, meetings, new things, and slack-arsed lawyers

Met up with Pat and the Very Big Film Company people to have a preliminary chat about Harvest (the scifi action thing). Went very well, they're excited about it, we're excited about it, everyone's excited about everything. It was a bit of a last minute thing, they kept rearranging it, but it finally happened, so we're hoping to get things going soon. If the bloodsucking lawyers can sort their shit out, obviously, as long as it doesn't interfere with one of the 38 holidays they have per month. I'm in the wrong fucking business, I really am...

Severance is moving along. Casting is fully underway, and I've seen the casting tapes so far. Had a bit of a freakout when I saw famous Ac-torrrs reading my lines, actually acting out my dialogue, it was SUCH a headfuck. It was great. Seeing characters I've lived with in my head for 2 years coming to life on a TV screen was amazing. I don't think anything has been decided, but I do know they are either about to offer or have already offered one part to a well known American actor (2 parts are American, unless we change one to English). The big name actress they were thinking of for another part isn't available - apparently she liked the script, but her schedule was having none of it. The sales agents are all jumping to get involved, and there's been a really good response from UK distributors - there's a lot of interest in this one. I'm excited and terrified at the same time.

The new horror thing is coming along too. I've been working on the outline for a week or two, but came at it from a different angle this time. Normally I have an idea for a cool plot, then try and fit the background and characters into it somehow. This time, the idea was for the background, or the setting. I spent a while coming up with all sorts of ideas for cool things that could happen, or that had already happened, working out "the rules" of it all, and then came up with some characters who might be involved in some of those things - instead of making up some paper-thin people and shoving them in just so that the story would have someone to happen to. I didn't even try and come up with a plot for it. After a while, the story just started coming naturally from the characters and setting, it was really cool. I've never done it like that before, and it really made a difference. I always get stuck trying to think of a cool story - but if your background and characters are good enough, the story will look after itself. It doesn't need to have a high concept or amazing twist, as long as it's satisfying and does what it needs to do (a horror needs to scare, comedy needs to make you laugh, and so on). I finally started putting the story together on Friday, and finished it a couple of hours ago tonight. I'll keep tweaking it, see what my agent makes of it, then hopefully it'll be ready for action before too long.

The book adaptation is still stuck in contract limbo. I'm hoping they get their legal people on the case, because I would really love to write it. They want me to write it, I want to write it, it's just all waiting for - as is always the case - the lawyers to get their fingers out and actually do their fucking jobs, maybe write a fucking contract or something. I'm not the biggest fan of lawyers. One day they're just going to suck all the joy and vitality out of the whole world, and the entire planet will crumble away into dust. Don't come crying to me when they do. I warned you. I warned you all. Watch those shifty fuckers. They're evil.

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