Thursday, April 14, 2005

All systems go

It's been a slow week with Curfew. As expected, the new ending that solved lots of problems managed to create other, new, even more interesting problems, because I didn't explain it or think it through properly. So I've been trying to fix that, and jazz up the characters, which is tricky in an outline where there's no dialogue to make them interesting. So it's been slow going. Nearly there though, hopefully. A few weeks ago my agent verbally pitched it to a couple of people on the phone, who were very interested in it. Then recently, some more people who had been very interested in Severance back when it was called P45 took an interest in it too. And a producer I met last year for a rewrite job that didn't pan out also wants to read it. And several other people want to read it now, including the major film company that messed me and Pat around on Harvest. In all, my agent has about 12 people gagging to read Curfew, just waiting for me to finish it. So it had better be fucking good. No pressure, of course.

Severance has suddenly jumped to Warp 9 (translation for non Star Trek fans: things are now happening very quickly). Last Monday went very well, we talked about the script for ages, and came up with some fun stuff. I read the new version today, and it's looking really cool. I saw some storyboards for a major scene halfway through, and they rock. I also saw an animatic (animated storyboard) for the opening sequence, which is fucking brilliant. And yesterday Severance became officially greenlit - we'd been waiting for the finances to be arranged (they're always complicated and precarious), but now they are all sorted, and it's officially on the go. I am now officially "hot" for about a week, so I really, really, really need to finish Curfew before the weekend, and capitalise on my newfound hotness. Last night I did a synopsis for Severance, which is what they'll be using to tempt sales agents to come on board, and I'll be writing an extra sequence for a video that the characters watch. Another interesting and very cool thing that came up today was for the DVD - they need to plan the DVD extras way in advance, otherwise there won't be time to do them. They've got ideas for three specific things they want to put on there, and wanted to know if I fancied writing them. I gave it serious thought for about a nanosecond, and immediately said yes. I've got to try and think up some other extras that we could do, things that would feel at home on a DVD featuring a horror/black comedy movie. I think I'm going to look through all my DVDs for inspiration. I'm incredibly excited; the thought of a DVD of Severance being in the shops and on is somehow even more bizarre than the idea of it coming out in the cinemas...

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