Monday, April 04, 2005

New stuff

The new horror treatment/outline/thing is finished, as of this morning, and is "going out" this week. That means that my agent will draw up a list of the companies and people who might be in the market for a horror, and/or who have the cash or the means of getting the cash to finance it - they'll probably know my stuff from other things he's sent around (The School, Severance, and so on). He'll send it to them, then I'll wait, terrified, in absolute silence, hoping that someone wants to buy it. It's called Curfew, by the way, one of the rare times that I've actually got a good title for something - thanks to Jo for that. My title skillz are still very poor.

I have two other things that I'd like to do a movie script about - at the moment, they're just backgrounds, settings, that sort of thing. I'm going to do the same thing I did for Curfew - research, come up with ideas, characters, and let the story evolve from that.

Severance is still casting. The producer and director were in Eastern Europe last week, scouting locations and finding people to guide them around. As is usually the case, once you get on a location and see how the place is laid out, some things in the script won't work, physically you just can't do them in the space, and other things will naturally occur to you. At the moment, we need to lose a small sequence near the end, but I've come up with two other things we can do instead, so it's all good. I love this part, where the imagination of the script smashes into the hard reality of locations, buildings, and so on. It's exciting, because I don't know where things will go, or how they will turn out - I want to be as suprised as the audience when I finally see how they make things work.

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