Wednesday, April 27, 2005

That was quick

Got a voicemail from My Agent - "give us a call, had a couple of responses to Curfew". Fuck, I thought, that doesn't sound good. Spoke to him today about 5pm, there have been 4 responses so far (bloody quick, compared to the normal glacier-like speed of the TV and film industry), all extremely positive. They all thought it rocked. 2 of them didn't do that kind of film normally, but one of them recommended it to their boss, which they rarely do, so we'll see what happens. The other 2 had some questions about the plot and logic, but thought it was great anyway. My Agent showed it to the big company director of the agency, who has now phoned up A Fucking Huge Film Company to remind them that they have yet to respond. Blimey! So nobody has said definitely yes or no yet, but it's all positive. I'm very relieved, I thought they'd totally ignore it, or think it was shit, or just laugh, and come round to my house and shit in my airing cupboard (you'd be amazed the number of people who have done that). So I'm very pleased so far.

Another part has been cast in Severance, the other female role, someone really cool who is perfect. Sadly, a previously cast person has had to pull out, as his schedule conflicts with something else he's already doing, which sucks. But never mind, we knew it was a thin possibility anyway. The office now has a dedicated phone number, and a team, and people doing things. It's crazy, really crazy.


Cindy said...

You rock so hard!

I wonder if the time is near where I'll have to do all my communications with you via your agent? ;)

*congratulatory hugs*

James Moran said...

For a response to this comment, please contact my agent. Have your people call my people. Schedule me a window. etc etc