Saturday, April 09, 2005

When treatments go bad

Okay, Curfew wasn't quite ready after all - we showed it to some people who immediately spotted a major logical flaw with the basic concept, and lots of other problems. This was (a) extremely helpful, because it lets me fix it before it gets sent out, and (b) extremely annoying, because I thought I was finished with it for now. This is why you must always get other people to read the stuff first - if there's something that isn't clear, you won't spot it, because you know how it all works in your head. And huge flaws can *very* easily pass you by... Spent a few days feeling fed up with it, because it seemed like it needed a major rethink. One solution popped up, but would have meant changing the entire concept, and removing the cool thing that I liked about it in the first place. So I spent a couple of days thinking about it, doing lots of research, finding out all sorts of cool stuff, and talking to Jo about it. Two characters have been swapped around, which sorted some of the problems, and we came up with lots of other cool ideas too. The only thing left was the one major logical flaw, which affected the ending, too. I couldn't think of anything. Finally, last night, Jo had a brainwave and figured out how to fix it. I don't know how she did it. But she's a genius. I am now sitting, surrounded by pieces of paper with the notes written on them, redoing the treatment. It's essentially the same structure, but with most of the problems fixed. I'm about halfway through right now, and will be taking a break until tomorrow. But I'm so relieved, because it's finally starting to work. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow, then I can see what everyone thinks of it on Monday.

Severance is moving along nicely. I've seen some gorgeous location scouting photos from Hungary, and will soon see the first storyboard of the opening sequence. On Monday, I'm meeting the producer and director to chat about the revised version of the script - in most movies, just before filming starts, the director does a pass on the script, adding any camera stuff or tweaks that they feel will help the story work better. We're all getting together to see if there any more improvements that can be made. Oh, and a 4th character has been cast, subject to contracts, confirmation, schedules, sunspots, etc, etc. He's really, really good, and has instantly made the character that bit cooler. 2007 Update: This was Toby Stephens, cast as Harris. Ooh, innit exciting??


lou said...

it's all just too exciting, i'll be needing some valium soon!
good luck with it all. can't wait to see severance!

James Moran said...

Cheers! I know, it's hard to believe it isn't all some pill-induced delusion. It might turn out to be that, of course...